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According to The Department of Trade and Industry 76% of start-up business fail within the first two years of operations. On the other hand the survival rate of franchise business and start-up up business who receive extensive support in a form of incubation and tried and tested systems is close to 87% according to Tracy Kitts COO of the National Business Incubation Association. The large failure rate is largely attributed the following:

 Inability to innovate

  Inadequate Planning

  Inability to define and access market

  Lack of Experience

  Poor cash flow management

There are a host of other factors that contribute to the failure of start-up business, we have identified the above pointers as we believe when these are addressed thoroughly and professionally they increase the survival rate of any business.

The very foundation of Stoi Business Consultants is based on addressing these short comings and seeing the success rate of South African SME improve.